7 Ways to Change Your Life in the Next 7 Days

Here are 7 ways to change your life in the next 7 days:

1. Change your words and phrases

2. Count Your Blessings

 3. Try Something You’ve Never Tried Before

 4. Wake Up Claiming Today Is Going to Be the Best Day Ever (I can’t wait to try this one.)

 5. Try Something You Think You’re Bad At

 6. Declare Your Life’s Purpose

 7. Recognize Change  Happens Constantly**

**This is my favorite one. I’ve found that focusing on my future is always a good way to come out of a bad mood. A good phrase I’ve learned is “it’s only a moment.”

(I did not write this, I “stumbled upon" it)

Read the full version here: http://www.lyved.com/body_soul/7-ways-to-change-your-life-in-the-next-7-days/